Spring comes with a harmonic roar

More than 500,000 Sandhill Cranes stop along the Platte River in central Nebraska during their spring migration, an event named by National Geographic as one of North America’s two greatest wildlife phenomena. Numerous events and opportunities to view the cranes up close are scheduled in March. Along with the cranes come millions of migrating ducks and geese and a number of endangered whooping cranes.

At the same time the southern birds descend on the river, the thoroughbred horses begin racing again at Fonner Park. Flowering trees burst into color and the red and gold of winter prairies turn green.

Stuhr Museum’s Railroad Town comes out of its hibernation in early May as costumed interpreters return to their posts at one of the nations top living history museums.

Average Spring High: 62° Fahrenheit
Average Spring Low: 38° Fahrenheit