One of the United States' Top 10 Scenic Routes.

If you want to make time, take the interstate. If you want to make memories, take the byway. This 272 mile byway cuts through the heart of the Sandhills. The Sandhills are grass-stabalized sand dunes, 20,000 square miles of them.

The prairie grasses are beautiful and varied, and are unique in their ability to cure on the stem. This results in fantistic pastureland for grazing cattle. Other flora are worth hunting for as you meander in the meadows, such as the endangered Blowout Penstemon.

Anyone can sit back at the seashore and be inspired because it shouts at you . . . so do the mountains. But the prairie only whispers. You must listen closely and not miss the message. — Reverand Val Peters

Despite being a land of sand dunes once referred to as the Great American Desert, there's a lot of water in this regio both on the surface in the form of lakes, rivers, and wetlands, and underneath the surface in the form of the enormous Ogallala Aquifer.

Wildlife is abundant. Hunters look for Whitetail Deer and pheasant while birdwatchers seek out Trumpter Swans and mating Prairie Chickens. Tanking — floating in a stock tank down a spring-fed river — is popular as well, during summer and winter. The wide open spaces mean wide open roads, and the annual Sandhills Open Road Challenge draws people from 40 states and Canada.

Plan your excursion today on the road Charles Kuralt called one of the 10 most beautiful drives in the United States.